• Phase 3: the assurance of abundant flowers with a healthy plant- Stimulates the regeneration of flower buds- Helps the plant resist outside attacks- Maintains luxuriant foliage- Increases the number of flowers and fruits

    9,90 €
    In Stock
  • Phase 4: stimulates fruiting and boosts sugar production!- Facilitates the assimilation of fertilizer- Increases the performance- Increases the fruit flavour and their sugar content- Is compatible with all fertilisation programmes- More active ingredients for medicinal plants

    24,90 €
    In Stock
  • Speed Booster: Increases the quantity and the quality of the crop!- Prevents and treats calcium deficiencies- Improves the strength of the stem- Accelerates the development of flowers and fruits.- Improves fruit size- Improves resistance to external threats

    24,90 €
    In Stock
  • Sugar Babe: Floral booster for more perfume!- Activate flowering for exceptional fruiting- Improve the flavour and perfume of fruits- Increase the rate of active ingredients of medicinal plants

    19,90 €
    In Stock

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About Vaalserberg Garden

Vaalserberg Garden is a reliable manufacturer of nutrients for plants.
A company avant garde with a wide range of fertilizers to boost flowering and additives for plants, developed in our own laboratory.

The Vaalserberg Garden products are designed for all types of gardeners from beginners to experts. Culture organic, hydroponic it's up to you, but with our fertilizers and boost flowering you get the best Results. Our products are available worldwide.